LINKING PARTNERS is a consultancy company that provides services,
counseling and training to public entities, private companies and non-profit organisations operating in the sector of development cooperation.

​LINKING PARTNERS holds knowledge and expertise in all the legal, procedural and regulatory aspects related to the project cycle management of programmes funded by bilateral and multilateral donor agencies.

Revealing a special vocation for the EuropeAid procedural rules and the Africa, Caribbean and Pacific region, LINKING PARTNERS seeks nevertheless the establishment of partnerships with regional and local organizations worldwide, both in the public and private sectors.

The role of LINKING PARTNERS is to help its clients to find innovative and on-time solutions for their needs through the assignment of service contracts (usually short-term) performed by experts selected on the base of their exceptional qualifications and professional experience.

Service is delivered by LINKING PARTNERS’ team of experts in a customized manner, regardless of the sectors and geographical areas where its clients operate.  

In order to facilitate its delivery, LINKING PARTNERS set a core team of experts, based on their academic background, key qualifications and language skills. Such experts form LINKING PARTNERS' permanent team of experts. 


Managing Partner

our apProach

  • In-depth knowledge of the major donors' contractual and financial procedures, acquired through the delivery of trainings and technical assistance to public entities in several beneficiary countries and regions 

  • Expertise in all the key aspects concerning the interpretation and implementation of contracts (loans, grants and procurement), based on training, thorough research ​and legal practice

  • ​Counseling experience in mediation, arbitration and litigation procedures for contracting authorities, private companies and NGOs

  • Capacity to set up flexible and skillful work teams at short notice

  • Ability to deliver services and trainings in several languages and different cultural environments    

LINKING PARTNERS bases its performance on the following core competences:
LINKING PARTNERS manages a motivated, flexible and efficient network of experts.