LINKING PARTNERS capitalizes the excellency of its international consultants’ network to improve performance and innovation in the development industry.

Our experts have worked with leading institutions and their experience spans professional practice as well as academia; both in the public and private sectors. They are recognized professionals in their respective areas of expertise.

​In order to facilitate our delivery, we have set a core team of experts, based on their academic background, key qualifications and language skills. Such experts form our permanent TEAM OF EXPERTS.
Tiago Matos Fernandes
Languages: EN/FR/SP/PT
Donors: EuropeAid, World Bank, CICL

José M. de Lucena
Languages: EN/FR/PT
Donor experience:
EU agencies (including 
EuropeAid), World Bank,

Ildefonso Ramos
Languages: EN/FR/SP
Donor experience:
EuropeAid, ADB, AECID

Anthony Acheampong
Languages: EN
Donor experience: EuropeAid, World Bank, UN, DFID 

Tiago Matos Fernandes
Languages: EN/FR/SP/PT
Donor experience: EuropeAid, World Bank, MCC, CICL

Robert Teunissen
Languages: EN/FR/DT/IT
Donor experience: EuropeAid, United Nations agencies (including UNDP)

Edgar Castillo
Languages: EN/SP
Donor experience:
EuropeAid, USAID
and Global Fund